Testimonial of 1st ONLINE Chartered Herbalist Graduate

Testimonial of Kelvin A. – Oct 25/13
I took the Dominion Herbal College Chartered Herbalist course in the last half of 2013. It was an excellent course. The first part covered anatomy. The second part covered herbalism, and the last part covered nutrition and other topics. The best points were a strong anatomy section, and that the herbalism and nutrition sections were written by an experienced medical herbalism doctor (Dr. Herbert Nowell) and an experienced holistic health practitioner (Mrs. Ella Birzneck) along with several other well-qualified contributors.

I took the course using textbooks and taking the exams on-line. My questions and exams were answered very quickly by my course instructor, Carol Barber. Sometimes my questions and exams were answered and marked by the next day. Taking the exams on-line was completely convenient for me as: I didn't have to travel anywhere, I could take them whenever I wanted, and I didn't have any mailing costs or long waiting times to get my marks and answers back. I'm very satisfied with the course and the costs were very reasonable.  Taking the course on-line makes a good use of today's technology for education.  Kelvin A. – 1st ONLINE Chartered Herbalist Graduate

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