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Bernice Birzneck - RegisgtrarMessage from the Registrar: Dominion Herbal College is now accepting enrollment in the Herbal Consulting and Clinical Herbal Therapy Diploma Programs for the upcoming academic year starting September 2019. If you require more information on these career programs in Herbal Medicine click the links above or contact me by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone 604-433-1926.

Herbal Consulting (1 Year) 

1 Year Distance Learning
This 1-year program is designed for individuals employed or seeking employment in the herbal industry to become competent Herbal Consultants. This program creates a balance between the western scientific approach to the study of Herbal Medicine and the traditional North American model. The Herbal Consulting Diploma Program is suitable for individuals working or seeking employment in health food stores, herb shops, pharmacies, supermarkets, direct marketing or wherever herbs are sold and for individuals in herbal product manufacturing or distributing. Students will learn how to assess and formulate herbal products, become familiar with the efficacy and safe use of herbs, market herbs for industry and consult with clients in the retail setting in a knowledgeable and professional manner.

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Admission Requirements:
1. High School Level Chemistry or Dominion Herbal College Prerequisite Chemistry
2. Dominion Herbal College Chartered Herbalist Diploma Program

Program Duration: The program duration is one year. The academic year is 12 months (1320 hours) from September through August.

Delivery & Instructional Methods: The Herbal Consulting Diploma Program utilizes a combined delivery method of distance and on-site learning in which the course work is completed by self-directed learning together with on-site attendance at a 5-day seminar at the end of the academic year.

Program Information: The program consists of questions at the end of the lessons in the following courses: Biochemistry, Botany, History & Philosophy, Materia Medica I, Pathology, Pharmacology and Pharmacy. This program requires 20-30 hours per week of self-directed learning. Students are provided with a Required Textbook List and Supplementary Resources List. Students must complete a Herbarium and attend a 5-day on-site seminar. Students will write exams in Materia Medica I, Pathology and Pharmacology. Exams are written online. Upon successful completion of the program, the student will be awarded a diploma with the title “Herbal Consultant”.

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